UserNotify Message Bar

Plugin for nopCommerce - UserNotify Message plugin allows you to display a Customizable Message to All, Registered or Admin Users, at a choice of Location in your website. Fast & Easy to use.


GeoffkSoftware's UserNotify Message plugin for nopCommerce allows you to display a customizable message to either All Visitors, Registered Users, or Admins. Choose the Message Bar's display location, adjust color & formatting, and set the exact dates & times when your message will be live. Fast & Easy to use. The styling is independent of the theme, and can contain images ( v4.40 + ) or internal or external links to facilitate a CTA.

Key Features:

  • Configure from Admin - Configuration - Local Plugins Menu or
    Admin - Configuration - Widgets Menu
  • Fast & Easy to use. Send your Notification or Promotion in minutes
  • Flexible Styling using Rich Text Editor - choose Font, size, color and background color 
  • Design is independant from your theme
  • Include Links - include Links to your Website pages or elsewhere to facilitate a Call To Action
  • Include Images ( v4.40 + ) - include Images to enhance your message
  • Show Message to All Visitors, Registered Visitors or Admins Only
  • Choice of location to display - choose from one of a number of locations in HomePage, or on Shopping Cart, Account, Category, Manufacturer, Vendor or Admin Page
  • Limit when to display - Set a start and End Date/Time to limit your Message display time
  • Multi-store Support
  • Exclusive 'New Version Available' notification

UserNotify Message Options:

  • Message Text
  • Bar Background Color
  • User Groups to Notify
  • Message Placement - Widget Zone
  • Start & End Date/Time


  • Supports nopCommerce 4.60, 4.50, 4.40 and 4.30
  • 1 year free support and upgrades
  • Easy setup and customization
  • Multi-store Support
  • Multi-language Support

Getting Started:

  • Complementary Product

    • Complete your Purchase of Product - no charge
    • Go to Downloaded Products List in My Account page
    • Click Download to download the Product zip file
    • From the Administratioon / Configuration / Local plugins page in your NopCommerce Website, select Upload Plugin or Theme
    • Select the Product zip file from the download directory and hit Upload plugin or theme button
    • Reload Plugin List
    • Select the Product in Administratioon / Configuration / Local plugins Menu to Enable and Configure if required

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